Invitation to the anniversary of KTR Klubschau 


and Tibet Dog Europe (TDE)


12./13.08.2017 at „Haus Delecke am Möhnesee“, D


 On this weekend you can get 3 CAC-KTR to German Champion KTR, 

German Juniorchampion KTR and German Veteran Champion KTR 

2 CAC-VDH, KTR-Clubwinner, KTR-Clubjuniorwinner, KTR-Clubveteranwinner

and also the titles: Skar, Skar-mo, Awa Skar, Awa Skar-mo, Ge Skar, Ge Skar-mo

and 2 x BIS



Team of Judges for the Klubschau:                                 Team of Judges for TDE:


DK/TM:     Priomoz Peer (SLO)                                            DK/TM:   Elzbieta Chwalibog (PL)

LA:           Gunilla Albrigtsen (S)                                           LA:         Primoz Peer (SLO)

TS:           Elzbieta Chwalibog (PL)                                       TS:        Cindy Pettersson (S)

TT:           Cindy Pettersson (S)                                            TT:         Gunilla Albrigtsen (S)


The rooms in hotel Delecke are reserved for the KTR.

When you make your reservation, please tell the password „KTR“  to get one of 

the rooms for a special price.


You can book per email  with the same password

More informations and online-entries are possible.


We are looking forward to meet you!





Deadline for the Anniversary edition "50 years of KTR" for reports, photos and presentations is the 10th of June 2017


- The jubilee edition will be printed in German and English and will appear on the occasion of our KTR-Klubschau, TDE and our 50th      anniversary.


- Present your kennel and your dogs to an international audience.

- The editorial team will gladly accept your confusion, pictures and stories.

- Please send your comments via the contact-adress in the red banner of the HP or via


The editorial team Anke Peine, Petra Loyda, Anke Hurlbrink, Ricarda Gimmer, Ina Schalow, Regina Schönrock und Rudi Reese


Presentations (Ads):

- Present your dogs, your successes, your offspring...and become part of the anniversary edition.

- Please use the possibility of a colored display to a super cheap site offer of:

   Presentation 1 color page:      â‚¬ 40

   Presentation 2 color pages:    â‚¬ 70

   Presentation 3 color pages:    € 100



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